Sunday, May 4, 2014

APO 2014 Winners Go On To IPO 2014

Congratulations to Daniel Gottlieb and Elizabeth Mordkovich, winning essay writers of the 2014 American Philosophy Olympiad, APO VIII. Lisa and Dan will represent the USA in Vilnius, Lithuania in May 2014 along with students from 42 other countries!
We, the committee members of the APO, want to extend our sincere thanks to all students who have submitted essays in French or Spanish -- there were none in German this year.* Thank you for participating in the 2014 APO H.S. Philosophy Essay Writing Contest. There have been so many interesting essays to read and evaluate this year that it has been a very difficult task for our committee to make our final decision on the top two essays. Nevertheless, we have made our decisions.

The winning APO 2014 essays were written by Elizabeth Mordkovich from NJ who wrote in Spanish and Daniel Gottlieb from NY who wrote in French. Honorable Mention and Participant certificates will be sent to the other young philosophers who have submitted their essays to the APO this year.

The USA participated in the IPO for four non-continuous years between 1999 and 2003. After a hiatus of almost ten years, this is the fourth year of continuous participation. The American Philosophical Association is the sponsor of APO VIII.

For a good idea of what the IPO is and how it works, I offer you two links to search. 

The first link includes the topics from the IPO 2013 in Denmark. This will give you a good idea of the types of questions students will be asked to write about in Vilnius this year. Also, in this website, you can find the winning essays from IPO 2013. Read one of them to see the type of writing that is highly valued in this competition. The second link is for this year's event. Have fun with them and watch for news and photos from Vilnius coming up later this month. 

We look forward to your comments! 


*The official languages of the IPO are English, French, German, and Spanish. One may not write an essay in one's own native language at the IPO competition. Therefore, the official languages of the APO are French, German, and Spanish.


Kesavan Kushalnagar said...

(I know I'ma bit late with this but) Congratulations to the winners! Out of curiosity, could you release any statistics on the participants (as in how many there were, how many honrable mentions, etc.)? And (if they are okay with it) copies of the winning essays? That would be much appreciated :)

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