Tuesday, April 5, 2016

APO Results Coming Next Week

Sometime during the week of April 11th you will see the results of APO 2016 in this Blog. For the moment, here's a short newspaper clip from my Bangladeshi friend, Salim Miah, about the IPO 2015. The article is from the "Dhaka Tribune." I especially like the unique and delightful description of philosophy and the rather intimate protrayal of the experience that our student friend and young plhilosoher from Bangladesh had. That was last year in Estonia, but it was very similar for all the students in Estonia and it has been this way for more than two decades now. Enjoy the article: Dhaka Tribune article about IPO Estonia 2015.

This year Salim and one or two of his new students will be joining us in Belgium. We'll be gathering in Ghent, as you may already know, with participants from more than 40 countries.

Watch for our big news next week.