Thursday, February 18, 2016

See the APA Blog about the APO & IPO

Here's a link to my first blog post for the American Philosophical Association. It's about the 2016 APO High School Philosophy Writing Contest with a little background about both the APO and the IPO. Click on the APA Blog logo below to take a look.

A photo from the closing ceremony of the IPO in Lithuania in 2014.


Monday, February 8, 2016

New Due Date -- APO '16 Essay

New Due Date
29 February 2016

As you know, the APO '16 winners will represent the USA in Ghent, Belgium.

Ghent University logo.svg 

We have been requested to extend the due date of the APO '16 Essay Contest. After consultation this weekend, we have determined that we can extend the due date until Monday, 29 February 2016.

If you send in your essays by US Postal Mail, it must arrive no later than Monday, 29 February 2016. If you submit by e-mail we must receive your e-mail with your essay attached also on Monday, 29 February 2016. All the details of the contest are contained in recently past posts in this blog.

February 29th only comes around once in four years, let's take advantage of it.

Best of luck to all of our young philosophers!

*The UG logo is copied from the UG website.