Saturday, December 31, 2011

Liberated Blogging

Andrew Sullivan from The Daily Beast and Matt Yglesias from Slate have liberated my blog voice. At a Public Philosophy Committee Session on Thursday at this year’s American Philosophical Association conference of the Eastern Division, these guys spoke about blogging emerging, as it were, from their philosophical training. But blog posts are not published papers. They are not always complete reports or essays or full arguments either, as I once thought. They are part of a dialogue. I like that. Philosophy is dialogue at its core. It’s risky, certainly, but dynamic, living, free and liberating at the same time. Ya ain’t gonna like everything I say. But I’ll say it from my intellectual and philosophical guts and I’ll put it out there for you. If it turns out to be good enough to provoke you, then pick up the thread. It seems to me that the best philosophers inspire others to ask their own philosophical questions. May the dialogue reign!