Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How To Write a Philosophy Essay

"How To Write a Philosophy Essay
A Guide for IPO Contestants

Many guides exist on how to write a good philosophy paper. This guide is tailored to suit contestants competing in the annual IPO essay contest but it uses many of the same strategies employed in guides written by renowned philosophy professors from around the world. It is not intended to be a guarantee for writing an award-winning essay at the IPO. Rather, it outlines one method that can direct your efforts toward writing a sound, logical, persuasive essay."

This is how the new guide begins. It has just been published on the Netherlands' International Philosophy Olympiad website at http://ipo2017.nl/. As of today, 25 January, 2017, it is also published on the IPO website. Go to http://www.philosophy-olympiad.org/ where you can also find it. You may consult it at anytime except at the IPO essay contest itself.

Good luck to high school students from the approximately 50 countries from around the world who are expected to send students to the IPO 2017 in Rotterdam. See you there!

May 25 — 28, 2017
The Netherlands

Friday, January 6, 2017

APO 2017 Brochure and Essay Topics

Here is the 2017 APO Brochure followed by this year's topics.

The due date is February 17, 2017.

Here are the four question choices or topics for the 2017 APO. You may choose any one -- there is no preference or advantage to choosing one over the other -- and write an essay about it in French, German, or Spanish. Then carefully follow the directions in the brochure. If you'd like me to send you an original brochure, email joseluismurphy@gmail.com or call me [201-227-3265] and leave your name and address. 

Chose one of the following topics and construct a well-reasoned, thorough and convincing philosophical argument in reaction to one of the following topics:

1.     Is there danger or irresistible beauty in creating artificial intelligence in any container that has the capacity to think for itself, learn on its own and replicate human cognition?

2.     Who or what am I?

3.     Human Consciousness shapes, informs and determines reality. Reality is dependent upon human consciousness. There is no reality apart from human consciousness.

4.     Is an act right because God commands it or because it is right?

Suggestion: Before you write your essay, studying the guide “How to Write a Philosophy Essay: A Guide for IPO Contestants” is highly recommended. Click on the link below.