Wednesday, December 11, 2013

APO H.S. Philosophy Essay Contest

We are announcing the American Philosophy Olympiad's HS Philosophy Essay. Brochures are going out in paper and electronic formats. This short blog post is the first electronic vehicle for it in a PDF format. All the information you will need to get started is here. This is the qualifier for the International Philosophy Olympiad 2014 in Lithuania. Good luck! Click here.

Monday, February 18, 2013

D-E School Qualifies for National HS Ethics Bowl 2012-13!

Some very exciting news for Dwight-Englewood School ( We have qualified for the National High School Ethics Bowl 2012-13. We'll compete at UNC at Chapel Hill. Follow the link here to read all about it. I'll blog about this in more depth later.

Congratulations to Jamie, Josh, Matt and Phoebe.

Will You or Your Students Qualify for IPO 2013?

In 2011, the International Philosophy Olympiad was celebrated in Vienna, Austria. It was the first time the USA participated in almost a decade. The USA sent two students. Last year, IPO was celebrated in Oslo, Norway. This year it’s in Odense, Denmark in May. Two American students may qualify. Two is the maximum number of students any country, except for the host country, may send to participate.

In order to participate, an American high school student must study philosophy and be able to write well in French, German, or Spanish. English is the only other official language of the IPO, but a competitor may not write in his or her national language. There is no official language of the USA, but English is the de facto language of this country. In 2011, the two American competitors wrote in Spanish.

The infrastructure of the American Philosophy Olympiad is not yet totally organized as a national competition the way we want it to be, but we are participating and evolving. If you would like to participate in APO 2013 for a chance to qualify for IPO 2013, follow the information in the flyer below. Or, if you are a pre-college philosophy teacher, you may follow the same information to share it with your students. Good luck.