Wednesday, December 11, 2013

APO H.S. Philosophy Essay Contest

We are announcing the American Philosophy Olympiad's HS Philosophy Essay. Brochures are going out in paper and electronic formats. This short blog post is the first electronic vehicle for it in a PDF format. All the information you will need to get started is here. This is the qualifier for the International Philosophy Olympiad 2014 in Lithuania. Good luck! Click here.


huangzi said...

To clarify, what qualifies as a philosophical topic in this competition?

Joe (José Luis) Murphy said...


Your essay is due on March 15. This is an extended deadline.

Any question that would have to do, at least, with the following branches or areas of inquiry qualifies as a philosophical topic:

Questions of that there is, really.
What's the fundamental nature of the universe? Mind, body, free will, God, causality....

Questions of what to do.
What's moral, aesthetic, ethical value?
Right and wrong, intrinsic good, moral objectivity or subjectivity....

Questions that have to do with knowledge.
What's knowledge?
Certainty, reason, experience, justification....

Questions about correct reasoning.
What is the nature and structure of reasoning?
Formal rules, inferences, arguments, logic....

Good luck,
Joseph Murphy

Anonymous said...

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