Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What counts as a philosophical topic?

Someone recently left me a comment with the question that I'm using as a title for this post. People disagree, but I will be very broad with my answer .

Any question that would have to do, at least, with the following branches or areas of inquiry qualifies as a philosophical topic:

Questions of what there is, really.
What's the fundamental nature of the universe? Mind, body, free will, God, causality....

Questions of what to do.
What's moral, aesthetic, ethical value?
Right and wrong, intrinsic good, moral objectivity or subjectivity....

Questions that have to do with knowledge.
What's knowledge?
Certainty, reason, experience, justification....

Questions about correct reasoning.
What is the nature and structure of reasoning?
Formal rules, inferences, arguments, logic....

Does that help?

By the way, the APO essay for 2014 is due on March 15. This is an extended deadline.